Welcome to the website for the National SPiN Physics Masterday 2020. 

The National SPiN Physics Masterday is an initiative from SPiN, the national association for physics students in the Netherlands and will be held on Friday, March 6, 2020 in Leiden. The goal of the event is to give bachelor students of Physics—or Physics related—the opportunity to have an informal yet informative talk with universities from all over the Netherlands. 

The day is designed for students to check out all the universities briefly within a few hours—so no need to travel the whole country to visit them individually. For a full overview of the different attending education programs, please go to Universities page.

This Masterday is organized by SPiN member association De Leidsche Flesch: study association for Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, and Computer Science at Leiden University. For questions or other matters please use the contact information.

The day will be kicked off by the president of the Netherlands’ Physical Society and TV personality Diederik Jekel and will continue with the information market where you can talk freely with the many different universities and education programs. 

Registration is free and is available from mid-January