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The Physics Masters programme in Leiden offers a wide choice of study paths that take into account your specific needs and interests. You can either build a purely academic profile, or choose a specialisation that puts physics in broader societal contexts. Our programme is intimately related to the top-level scientific research carried out at the Leiden Institute of Physics. You will spend approximately half of your time on research, as a member of one of our internationally renowned research groups. We offer six research specialisations, with an emphasis on either experimental or theoretical physics, which train you as an independent researcher. Alternatively, you can choose to combine physics research with education, business studies or science communication. Each specialisation aims at preparing you for successful professional development in academia, in industry, or elsewhere. At our institute, you experience an open, inclusive, and collegial atmosphere. Your routine includes attending colloquia and symposia with international speakers, and participating in lively scientific discussions.


(all in English, except Physics and Education)

Research in Physics, Biological and Soft Matter Physics
Research in Physics, Classical/Quantum Information
Research in Physics, Cosmology
Research in Physics, pre-PhD (‘Casimir’)
Research in Physics, Quantum Matter and Optics
Research in Physics, Theoretical
Physics and Education (Dutch and English)
Physics and Science Communication and Society
Physics and Business Studies

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Tip: while in Leiden, do enjoy a walk past the unique set of ‘wall formulas’, illustrating physics
discoveries connected to Leiden. See

Astronomy (only present in time slot 13:00 – 14:45)

Leiden University offers a two-year master’s programme in Astronomy. In this two-year master’s programme in Astronomy you get access to cutting edge research in modern astronomy. The main focus areas include galaxies and the structures in which they are embedded, exoplanets, and star and planet formation. With seven challenging specialisations to choose from, you will be prepared for a wide variety of careers within academia, industry and the public sector.

The specialisations that you can choose from are the following:

  • Astronomy and Cosmology (MSc)
  • Astronomy and Data Science (MSc)
  • Astronomy and Education (MSc)
  • Astronomy and Instrumentation (MSc)
  • Astronomy and Science Communication and Society (MSc)
  • Astronomy and Business Studies (MSc)
  • Astronomy Research (MSc)

Are you are interested in astronomy research within or outside academia? Do you want to add value to society through scientific and technological progress? Are you keen on solving complex matters and are you up for a challenge? Then our Leiden University Astronomy master’s programme is designed for you.

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