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Radboud University

Physics and Astronomy

Would you rather specialise in pure physics or discover the interface between physics & astronomy, mathematics, chemistry or biology? You choose! You can dive into theoretical physics or perform your own experiments. Discover new material properties in Europe’s highest magnetic fields or with unique free electron lasers, study space objects with the with the world’s largest telescopes or unravel brain activity with MRIs. At Radboud University, you can choose from six specialisations to define your field of interest within Physics and Astronomy.


In this specialisation, we aim at unravelling the neuro-computational mechanisms of the fascinating, complex system that is the human brain using experimental approaches, advanced theory and computational models.

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Particle and Astrophysics

Although Particle Physics and Astrophysics act on a completely different length and time scales, they both use the laws of physics to study the universe. In this specialisation you’ll dive into these extreme worlds.

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Physics of Molecules and Materials

How do you tackle a problem when there are no adequate theories and calculations become far too complicated? In this specialisation you’ll be trained to take up this challenge in a field of physics that is still largely undiscovered: the interface between quantum and classical physics.

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Science and Education (in Dutch)

Do you have a passion for Physics and Astronomy and an interest in didactics? Do you like presenting and sharing knowledge? Want to work on your personal leadership skills? Science and Education offers scientific ánd didactic education, enabling you to teach in secondary school after graduation.

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